How do I know if a student received my recommendation and submitted it?

When you upload a document (such as a transcript) or recommendation letter, its status immediately changes in the student's locker to show it as Complete. Note that the student can't actually see the document, but can choose to attach it to an application.

Key Concept

A student can't read a recommendation letter or view a transcript from within their locker.

Did the student receive my recommendation or document?
If you want to confirm the student has the document available for use with an application, ask the student to check their locker.  If you have completed it, the document should be marked as "Request Completed" in the student's locker:

Was this recommendation or document submitted with a college application?
If you want to see if your recommendation (or other document) was attached to one or more college applications by a student:

1. Log into your Coalition account.

2. Go to Documents > Home.

3. The number in the Colleges column shows how many applications the student attached it to.



There's a number in the Colleges column. If the number is 0, the document hasn't been used yet to submit to a college. If the number is greater than 0, click the icon to see which colleges it was sent to.





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