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Please note: This article reflects information for the 2019-2020 application cycle, and may not reflect the current MyCoalition profile. 

Key Concept

For some tests, such as IB and Advanced Level exams, you have the option of entering predicted future test dates and scores. For other tests, such as AP Exams and CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exams, you can only enter tests that you have already taken.

This section asks about the additional subject tests that you might have taken during your years in high school.  This is an opportunity to report your scores for some of the most common tests:

  • AP Exams (Advanced Placement Exams from the College Board)
  • IB Exams (International Baccalaureate Exams from the International Baccalaureate educational foundation)
  • AL Exams (A-Level Exams or the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level used internationally and in some US states)

You can add scores for some or all of the tests included in this section.  Keep in mind that the testing organization will also be sending your test report(s) directly to the schools of your choice.  In addition, some college-specific applications that you complete through the Coalition system might offer additional chances for you to report your test scores in more detail.

Scroll through the list of questions to find the test whose scores you want to report.  Click to indicate that you have taken the given test, and you’ll be offered a set of input options for that particular test type.

Key Concept

Depending on your answer to the primary question for each test type, a test-specific set of questions will be displayed.

For example, if you took IB exams, answer ‘Yes’ to the IB Exam question, then choose from the drop down list the number of IB exam scores you are choosing to report in this section.


Enter a score for each test you report. The valid range of scores for each test type is displayed just below the score input box.  If you enter a score that is out of range, you will receive an alert.


If you have taken any of the tests more than once, enter the highest score you achieved for each test component even if you achieved those high scores during different test sessions.  You’ll be asked to enter the test date for each component score reported.


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