Introduction to Financial Aid

A college degree has economic, personal, and social value, but at a glance, the cost of attending a selective college—any college really—can seem very high. Attending college is a hefty investment so understanding your financial parameters is critical. Avoid waiting to have this conversation with your parents at the tail end of the decision making process. What is your role in the investment? If you are the
first person in your family to attend college or if you live in a tough economic situation, make the fact known to your counselor. It’s important to understand that your family might not be expected to pay the full cost of tuition, room & board, and other fees. And it’s important to remember that selective schools want the students they’ve chosen to admit to actually enroll and never want cost to get in the way of this. There are a number of programs offered both by colleges and by outside organizations aimed at making college education affordable for your family. Students who are willing to dig for scholarships, write essays, and to follow up on scholarship leads, find money for college. It takes work, but it is free money.

The bottom line: Don't let the sticker prices of colleges and universities scare you. Costs are no reason to set aside your college dreams. There is a great college education in your future that you and your family can afford.

To learn more, visit our Affording College page.

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