Applying Regular Decision

You will need to learn the specific application deadlines for every school to which you’re applying. You should plan your application process so you will have enough time to complete all your applications without feeling rushed. Most selective colleges will offer multiple application rounds, which are detailed below:

Regular Decision: a non-binding process by which you may apply to as many schools as you wish. Applications are usually due around January 1st, decisions are released on pre-determined dates, (often in March and April) and you must decide where you are attending by May 1st. Students who applied through an early program and were deferred will usually be considered during regular decision. Students will be admitted, denied, or placed on the waiting list, if that is offered.

Rolling Admissions: an application process where apply within a broad window of time and receive your admission decision based on when your application is submitted.

If you ultimately decide to attend a college where you have been admitted, you’ll need to commit to one school by May 1st during the application year. Some schools may require an enrollment deposit.

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