Why Go To College?

With lots of media attention focused on rising college costs and the competitive nature of selective college admissions, you might be asking yourself, "Why should I consider attending college at all? What's in it for me?" Here are a few answers: 

Higher-Paying Jobs: A college education gives you greater expertise and thus access to jobs that are out of reach for people who have only earned a high school diploma.
Personal Growth and Increased Independence: Looking to have an impact in our increasingly global world, the additional reading, reasoning and skills-development you achieve during your college years can prepare you for the knowledge-based industries and emerging markets of the world. You'll be able to choose most of your college classes which means you get to shape the knowledge that will propel your future.
Unanticipated Benefits: Want to travel abroad, learn a new sport, work at a radio or TV station? All of these experiences are readily available at most colleges.

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