I received one or more account invites. What does that mean?

For students

If you're a student, your invitation is to join the Coalition system and begin setting up a profile and other information about yourself that will eventually be used in your college applications. The Coalition site also lets you search for colleges, and keep a list of which colleges you're interested in.

For non-students

If another Coalition user invites you to join the Coalition system for a specific organization (such as a high school or college) and in a specific role (for example, a counselor or administrator), you'll create an account that specifies you are a Student Supporter.



Key Concept

If you received more that one Coalition invite to your email address, you'll see a list of all available invites associated with that email address. You can select only one invitation to accept for your email address. If you have multiple jobs or roles (for example, you're both a counselor at a high school and an administrator at a college), you'll need to sign up for the Coalition system with different email accounts for each different institution.


What the different Coalition roles mean

If you are a... You can...
Student Research colleges, collaborate with your contacts (such as counselors and teachers), and submit college applications.

Student Support User
View students who are your contacts in the system, invite new students to sign up for a Coalition account, and write recommendations or submit documents when a student requests them from you.
College Admin Manage all college-specific settings and configuration, such as college profile, application questions, data batching, and more. 


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