Attend a College Fair

You may be invited by your high school or local community based organization to attend a college fair, where colleges and universities have a representative in one place to provide you with information. A college fair is a free event where many different schools each have an information booth and is an opportunity for you to learn more about that school and other schools you may be considering. It’s a good idea to bring a list of colleges you may be interested in learning more about, but keep an open mind and explore some colleges that aren’t on your list.

While college fairs can be a little hectic, they are a good way of getting a brief impression of a broad range of different types of schools. College fairs are great for shorter conversations where you can learn a little more about the college or university.

Your counselor or teacher can help you find college fairs in your area. If you are able, try to visit more than one to learn more about the different types of schools out there.

What you might encounter:

  • A school may take your contact information in order to send you materials after the fair
  • Some fairs also offer information sessions about financial aid, the admissions process, testing, etc.

What you should bring to the college fair:

  • A list of colleges you know you want to visit
  • Questions you have for the college or university, or use our list of questions to get you started
  • A pen and a bag to hold the college brochures

Following the college fair:

  • Review your notes and the different college materials collected.
  • Ask yourself: Which colleges stood out? What did you like about some schools? Are these new schools to your list?
  • Update your college list with any new schools and remove schools you are no longer see yourself attending.
  • Contact the schools you’d like to visit and continue to research the schools to find out more information.


  • When you first arrive, pick up a college fair directory and locate the schools you want to talk with. If an interesting session is offered, be sure to find it and attend!
  • Introduce yourself to the college representative by saying your name, your year in high school and where you go to high school.
  • Fill out the information cards, or ask for a business card, and thank them for their time

A list of common college questions can be found here.

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