Demographic Information Section

This profile section collects information about your racial/ethnic background and your primary language.  Although the racial/ethnic information is optional, you are strongly encouraged to complete this section because colleges rely on having racial/ethnic information in the aggregate to measure their effectiveness in attracting and creating a diverse student community. 

Race/Ethnicity Questions - the racial/ethnic categories, the order in which they are asked and their definitions follow the guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Education and the Census Bureau.   Click the + icon to the right of each racial or ethnic category to see a detailed definition.  Mark all of the categories that apply to you. Based on your selection here, you may be asked for further information (such as  Tribal ID number).

Language(s) Known – use the drop-down list to designate each language you know and your proficiency level (ability to speak/read/etc) in that language. 

Primary Language Spoken at Home – use the drop-down list to designate the language typically used in your home

Key Concept

Colleges collect this information to use as a whole to measure overall student diversity, not to track individual applicants in any way.
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