How Do Colleges View Early Graduation from High School?

Generally, colleges prefer that students invest themselves throughout four full years of high school. At some high schools with a limited curriculum, it is feasible that college-bound students could exhaust an entire course list. But at many schools, a student would be hard-pressed to take advantage of all available academic options within four years. Additionally, it is easier to assimilate into the collegiate academic pace if you’ve been in an academic mode just two months prior. Spending the months immediately after high school working may be helpful with regard to earning cash, but you may risk losing some math and/or critical thinking skills. If you do graduate early, take one or two college courses so you don’t lose your academic edge. Another reason for remaining through the senor year of high school is personal growth and maturity. The final semesters/trimesters of high school better equip graduates to deal with the rigorous transition into college life on key fronts. Overall, potential early graduates are advised to carefully deliberate as all colleges and universities establish local policies regarding acceptance of applicants who graduate early from high school.

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