Colleges accepting Coalition applications

Only colleges with currently open applications have a Start Application option. The list of Coalition schools with live applications is always growing, so if you can't start an application at a particular Coalition college yet, check back soon. The list of available applications on the Coalition website will be updated regularly. See this page for a full list of colleges planning to open applications on the Coalition site this year: 

Members of the Coalition include a diverse group of public universities that have affordable tuition along with need-based financial aid for in-state residents, and private colleges and universities that provide sufficient financial aid to meet the full, demonstrated financial need of every domestic student they admit. The list of participating colleges is always growing. See the list of members on the Coalition website.  

Once you're ready, you can decide which participating Coalition colleges you'd like to apply to. Your existing profile information becomes the basis of your application. You may be asked to complete additional questions and upload specific attachments for each college you apply to.

When you add a college to your list, if an application is available, you'll see a "Start Application" option.


Key Concept

Always use the college search and your College List as your definitive source for whether a school is or is not currently accepting applications.
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