12th Grade Coursework Section


Some colleges collect this information via your official transcript, and don't require that you fill out this profile section on the Coalition site.


This profile section lets you report your academic record for the 12th grade.  It follows the format of the previous section (9th-11th grade coursework) and asks you to classify each course by general subject area, choose a generic name for the course, add your school’s actual course name, enter the grades you received for each grading period, and indicate whether the course was a special type like AP or Honors or add an optional tag of your own. 

Before entering courses, select which grade you took the course(s) in that you want to enter.



 Next, add your 12th grade courses.

  • Subject area: Choose from the drop-down list to subject area that best describes the course. If you need help figuring out the subject area, see this article for some examples.
  • Course name on transcript: Enter the official course name from your transcript so that admissions offices can match the course you are reporting here with your transcript.
  • College credit? Check the box if you took this course at a college or received college credit for it. Select the college from the list (of colleges you already entered in the College Information section), or add a new college if necessary. 
  • Type: Choose from the drop-down list, the type that best represents this particular course, e.g. an honors course, AP or IB. The listed types are possible descriptions your school might use. If you're unsure of the type, select "Not Applicable."
  • Select a grading scale: Choose  from the options (such as letter grade, number grade).
  • Select how it was reported on your transcript: one final grade or multiple grades. 
  • Enter your final grade: The options reflect what type of grades you specified (kletter, number, and so on)
  • Block scheduling? Select the checkbox for "uses block scheduling" if this high school offers certain classes on different days of the week (for example, some classes meet Mon/Wed/Fri and other classes meet Tue/Thu).
  • When course occurred: Select if the course was during the regular school year or summer.

Once you have added all the information, either save and add another course, or save and close.

Key Concept

If the course hasn't begun yet, select Not Started from the final grade drop-down. If your course spans multiple terms or semesters, but there was only a grade given for one of them, enter that grade at the appropriate grading period, and for the rest of the grading periods, enter Not Applicable or In Progress.


If you need to edit any of the course detail when you’ve finished, click EDIT next to the course's name.

When you’ve added all the coursework shown on your transcript for the 12th grade, click "I'm finished..." at the top of the section and confirm that you've added all of the 12th grade courses on your high school transcript to this profile section.  If you have less than 5 courses for 12th grade, you'll be asked to explain.

Even if you’ve indicated that you’ve completed this section, you can go back to edit it at any time until you begin submitting your applications. 

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