I need to change my account type (Student or Support)

When you first signed up for a Coalition account, you were asked to specify if you are a Student or a Support user (user type).

If you selected the wrong type, there is no way to change that in the system. You have two ways to deal with this problem:

  • If you are a support user, and would like to see a student view of the system, we recommend you sign up for a second account as a student. See this article for general instructions on account creation. See this article for help deciding if you need a second account. See this article for important information on determining which of your email addresses you should use for each account.

  • If you are a student or support user who signed up for the wrong type of account with your primary email address, contact support and ask them to change your account type. Click or tap Submit a request on this page to open a help ticket.


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