Pay and submit an application

When you complete an application, you are taken to the Payment page. On this page, you can see the full application fee amount, including any fees or discounts you are eligible for.

Click or tap the Next: Billing and Payment button to be taken to a page where you enter your payment information (such as a credit card).

Enter your credit card information, and click or tap the Submit Application button. (If you have a waiver code, see the instructions at the bottom of this article for using the code and reducing the fee to $0).

You'll receive a confirmation page when the application is successfully submitted.


If you have a waiver code
If a college has given you a special fee waiver code, you won't have to pay anything, as your application fee will be waived (removed).

Enter the code in the field provided and click or tap Add.

Your total will be changed to $0.

Key Concept

Payment info is never stored or saved on the Coalition server. 



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