MyCoalition Quick Start Guide


Your Profile is the foundation of your college applications in MyCoalition. Therefore, it includes the essential information that most colleges ask for, like your name and birthday, where you go to school, how many people are in your family, what activities you’re involved in, your test scores, etc. 

Click through each section of your Profile and fill in as much information as you can, as early as you can. Sure, some things might change while you’re in high school, but, for most of you, it’s largely going to stay the same. (And you can always make changes along the way.)

Keep in mind that the more you add to your Profile now, the less work you’ll have to do when it comes time to apply to colleges. In fact, a complete Profile means you’re about 70% of the way toward completing your applications to Coalition schools!


Think of your Locker as your personal trophy case — or your very own high school time capsule.

Now, start to fill it up with documents, photos, videos, or anything that you consider an important record of your high school experience, like essays you’ve written, artwork you’ve created, or performances you’ve mastered. Test scores are good to put here too, and don’t forget to include experiences that take place outside school, like your job or family responsibilities.

To upload files, simply click on “Locker,” then “Media.”

Your Locker provides you with private, unlimited digital space in which you can collect and organize these materials — all of which can easily be submitted as part of your applications to Coalition schools.

And your Locker is secure: You choose what to share and when to share it – either with a trusted mentor or with an application submission. Colleges and universities cannot see your Locker without your permission.

Senior year, when you’re ready to apply to colleges, you can manage documents like your high school transcript and letters of recommendation from the “Official Documents” page under “Locker.” 


The Colleges page is where you go to research colleges, build your college list, and apply to Coalition colleges.

Here, you can

  • Search for schools and add them to your college list
  • View application details and deadlines for Coalition schools
  • Keep track of your progress on applications to Coalition schools
  • Apply to Coalition schools using the Coalition application

Your applications to Coalition schools will include information from your Profile. So be sure to work on your Profile early and often — by the time senior year rolls around, you’ll be glad you did!

The requirements and contents of each school’s application may vary, but, generally, you’ll pick a term and program, answer a few more school-specific questions, and attach some documents from your Locker. Then, you’ll click submit, and you’ll have applied to colleges. It’s that easy!


MyCoalition is a private space where you can collaborate with people who can help you on your path to college.

We encourage you to use MyCoalition to reach out to trusted adults, such as family members, teachers, and other supporters, for their input and advice throughout your college application process.

To add contacts, press “Home,” then “Contacts.”

Once a contact has accepted your invitation, you’ll be able to send that person your college list, items in your Locker, even a PDF of your Profile, and get their opinions on your progress.

Later on, when you’re ready to start applying to colleges, you can connect with teachers, college counselors, and other mentors who can help you line up all the official documents you may need to submit as part of your applications.  

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