Official documents offered by a counselor

In some cases, your counselor may decide to help you by offering one or more official documents (such as transcripts or grade reports) before you have even requested them. If a counselor does this, you'll receive a notification and the document will be listed on your Locker > Official Documents page.

Key Concept

You can always choose whether or not to accept any offered document.

1. Navigate to Locker > Official Documents.

2. Scroll down to see the offered document.

Screenshot of the document offered section revealing the buttons Accept request or Decline request

3. Reply to the offer:

  • To accept the document, click or tap Accept Request. This places it in your locker so you can attach it to college applications.
  • To decline the document, click or tap Decline Request. This informs the counselor who offered it that you do not wish to use this document. You can then request it from another contact if you want.

See the article How do I request transcripts and other official documents? for more about requesting official documents.

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